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Green Hosting

Every website impacts the environment. dotCanada reduces the impact of your website to less than zero through energy conservation, double carbon offsets and tree planting.

Reduce the impact of your website

Climate change is the greatest threat to human health. In order to keep climate change manageable, we must keep greenhouse gas emissions under control. dotCanada ensures your website isn’t part of the problem.

Data Centres Polute - A Lot!

There are several million data centres globally. Many of them hosting tens of thousands of servers. Running 24 hours a day – every day. By 2025, data centres will account for 3.2% of the world’s carbon emissions (as much as the airline industry.) By 2040, data centre pollution is expected to grow to 14% of the world’s carbon emissions. The amount of energy used by data centres continues to double every four years. 40% of the total energy that data centres consume goes towards cooling.

Maximum Energy Conservation

We’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We’ve offered paperless billing exclusively since day one, twenty years ago. All of our servers are located in eco-friendly data centres. dotCanada employees have been working from home since 2012 – long before COVID popularized work from home – eliminating driving emissions and reducing office space. Our head office is a tiny 110 sq. ft. office located in co-working facility in Waterloo, with shared boardrooms, kitchen & facilities for 100+ companies.

... and Double Carbon Offsets

We purchase green energy tags from Bonneville Environmental Foundation. BEF calculates our energy consumption based on number of servers, employees, office space, vehicles and more. The net result of this reduces our dependence on electricity produced by fossil fuels. For every unit of energy we use, we purchase double the offset credits. This is our commitment to the environment. The green tag energy we purchase comes from multiple sources including Alberta, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.

... and Tree Planting

Our commitment to the environment doesn’t stop with our energy conservation and double carbon offsets. We’ve also partnered with OneTreePlanted to plant trees across Canada. Trees help clean the air we breathe & filter the water we drink. Trees help cool the planet by taking in and storing greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into their leaves, branches & trunks — while releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. For every hosting sign up, we plant a tree in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Quebec, British Columbia or New Brunswick.

Green Tags for Your Website

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