SSD Cloud Servers

We don't just talk the talk about
Cloud Servers. We walk the walk.

We deploy all Shared & Reseller accounts exclusively on our own Cloud Platform. Ask our competition why they don't. From $24.00/mo.

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Save on Cloud Hosting Today - 24% lifetime discount on Starter Cloud. 12% lifetime discount on Perfect Cloud.

Flexible Enterprise SSD Cloud

We provide Cloud Servers in 4 Locations throughout North America.
Now with Free Inbound Transfer.

$24.00 $18.24 / mo.


1,024 MB RAM
15 GB SSD Storage
1.0 TB Outbound Transfer
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$48.00 $36.48 / mo.


2,048 MB RAM
30 GB SSD Storage
2.0 TB Outbound Transfer
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$72.00 $54.72 / mo.


3,172 MB RAM
45 GB SSD Storage
3.0 TB Outbound Transfer
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$96.00 $84.48 / mo.


4,096 MB RAM
60 GB SSD Storage
4.0 TB Outbound Transfer
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$192.00 $168.96 / mo.


8,192 MB RAM
120 GB SSD Storage
8.0 TB Outbound Transfer
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$288.00 $253.44 / mo.


12 CPU
12,288 MB RAM
180 GB SSD Storage
12.0 TB Outbound Transfer
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We also offer Business Cloud 16 starting at 16 CPU, 16,384 MB RAM and 240 GB SSD Storage for $384/mo. (Start Now)
Add 1 CPU to any plan $6.00/mo. Add 1,024 MB RAM to any plan $12.67/mo. Add 15 GB SSD Storage to any plan $5.33/mo.

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All Cloud Servers are backed by our 1000% Uptime Guarantee.

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The Perfect Cloud

Cloud Providers are not all the same. Don't trust your cloud server to just any provider.
dotCanada uses only Enterprise Hardware with 1000% Uptime Guaranteed.

Enterprise Cloud in Minutes

Pick Location. Select Resources. Deploy Servers. Your Enterprise Cloud Servers will be available in minutes with no contract.

100% SSD Storage

SSD Storage allows you to deploy machines with greater performance than servers at significantly lower prices.

Ultra Fast Intel Cores

100% powered by Intel Xeon Processors without over provisioning. Consistent CPU performance at all times, in all locations.

4 Data Centre Locations

Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Los Angeles, California, USA. Chicago, Illinois, USA. Buffalo, New York, USA.

Full Root Access

Now with full "root" access & IP address. Your cloud will perform like a dedicated server but for a fraction of the price.

Choose Your OS

Choose from CentOS, CloudLinux, Debian, FreeBSD, Gentoo, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, Windows and more.

Server Firewall

Every server you build includes a comprehensive and powerful firewall. Grant/Deny access by IP and/or Port.


Take snapshots on demand, and on a daily auto schedule. Use them to clone or replicate your servers.

Private Networking

Gigabit private LAN between servers and between servers and NAS storage at no additional cost.

Rescue Console

Permanent HTML5 KVM Console for all servers for out of bounds admin, as well as Recovery Mode.

NAS Storage

For archive, backup and low cost media storage, NFS and CFS mounted NAS storage is available to all servers.

Powerful Control Panel

You can add or remove resources at any time. There is no maximum number of resources - there are no limits!

dotCanada Cloud Flexible Selections

Our excellent OS, Locations and Add-ons set us apart from other cloud providers.